"Bower Bird" by Derek Weidman

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 Bower Bird  by Derek Weidman
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All items in this auction were created, at least in part, on the wood lathe, with wood as the primary material. All are one-of-a-kind signed originals, guaranteed to be individually created by the woodturning artist listed.
Derek Weidman, Pennsylvania, United States
Bower Bird
Holly, blue plastics, pigments
14" x 8" x 8" 35.5cm x 20.3cm x 20.3cm

Artist’s note: "For the show Ceremony, I wanted to focus on an animal that had some elaborate behavior, that had very little to do with basic survival. With a bit of thought, I felt like a bower bird would be a perfect fit. The males create what is essentially a sculptural nest, that has no purpose but to attract a female of the species. The males decorate it with various objects that they find, often blue clothe pins. I found a bunch myself, and carved each one to make it more appropriate to my own work. The ceremony of the bird making art I felt paralleled my own life in a compelling way."

About the artist: Derek Weidman was born in 1982, and has dedicated the last seven years to exploring lathe-based sculpture. He has exhibited work in galleries across the United States and in England. Weidman's work has been featured in numerous publications. His approach involves multi-axis turning as the foundation of his work. By using the unique shaping processes of turning, Derek has created a descriptive visual language that only the lathe can speak. This carving process creates novel representations of a wide range of subjects, from those based on human anatomy to various animal forms. Derek works from a basic question, “What would this look like if rendered through the lens of a wood lathe?,”” and even with the most rigorous naturalism, an honest abstraction takes place, and for each new subject that question gets answered. So from human heads to rhinos, mandrills to birds, each idea being captured in a way it has not been expressed before.