Coral Vase by Mark Doolittle

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Coral Vase by Mark Doolittle
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Mark Doolittle
Joshua Tree, California

Coral Vase
Spalted bigleaf maple burl, shellac
7.5” x 4.5” x 4.5”

Artist’s Note
"Coral Vase" was turned and carved from spalted bigleaf maple burl. The piece was first turned on a lathe, and then carved by hand using rotary bits and burs. The inspiration for this piece was the ancient clay vessels recovered from sunken ships; often they have coral and tubeworms growing on their surfaces. It is the juxtaposition of these natural forms with the symmetry of the man-made vessel that I find compelling.

The carvings in "Coral Vase" introduce a diverse range of patterns and textures to the piece. I used deeply carved, entwined segments to achieve a three-dimensional array of patterns, all of which interconnect to themselves and to surface cup-like structures, reminiscent of coral polyps. The inside of these cup forms, in turn, exhibit a gradient of small-to-large holes that create a unique fractal pattern. Finally, the carvings are juxtaposed to the patterning in the burl wood itself, including spalting lines that run throughout the carved and non-carved region of the vessel.”

Artist Statement
“My style and approach are greatly influenced by my background in biology and scientific research. In my artwork, I try to express the dynamic form of growth and symmetry encountered in cells and tissues, as well as in whole organisms throughout the natural world. Without attempting to accurately portray biological structures in my artwork, I use the reiteration of simple shapes and abstract forms, like holes and fissures, to achieve the perception of organic complexity. My aim is for a piece to appear as if it arose by the process of natural growth. Wood seems a natural choice of medium, as it is derived from the processes of biological growth that is the foundation of my artistic style.”

About Mark Doolittle
Mark Doolittle holds a Doctorate in biology and first conducted a successful biomedical research career spanning 25 years. In 2002, he began to experiment with carving in gourds and wood, finding a style that reflected his background in biology. He became a full time artist in 2012. His artwork employs a unique and distinctive vision of nature and reflects a creative diversity of form and function, with no piece ever duplicated. Each piece is conceived and executed by the artist alone, using gourds and exotic hardwoods and burls from around the world. Although his style involves intricate carvings and texturing involving many hours of bench work, he never employs laser or CNC machinery; rather, each piece is crafted using rotary burrs and bits as well as hand tools, such as rasps and chisels.

Learn More: http://www.markdoolittlestudio.com