Trent Bosch | Exposed To, 2020

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Trent Bosch | Exposed To, 2020
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Trent Bosch | Fort Collins, Colorado
Exposed To, 2020
5 x 5.25 x 5 inches

When thinking about the theme Elements, I live in Colorado where the elements can be very harsh due to our high altitude, proximity to the sun, and extreme temperature swings. I have been experimenting with how these elements would impact my work if left alone outside, by creating a piece, and exposing it to my climate to create a patina that shows how fragile the material (wood) is when exposed. If left alone too long, it would eventually deteriorate completing the life cycle of the material, but if caught at just the right time, it can preserve the partial deterioration.

Working with wood is part of my everyday life. It is my connection to the earth and the environment in which I live. While pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and sculpture, I became interested in the art of woodturning. My philosophy has always been to work in harmony with our environment and not to destroy something in order to create something. In all my art, I use only recycled and easily sustainable woods. Being conscious of this has allowed me to work with the subtle beauty and dimension this discarded wood possesses. My intent as an artist is to express my feelings about nature, my family and natural processes. I work in series or bodies of work, which allows me to explore these issues in depth. Throughout the creative process I am continually reminded that I have not and will not ever be content. I will continue to create and strive for that body of work that has yet to be conceived.

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