Zina Manesa Burloiu and Terry Martin

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Zina Manesa Burloiu and Terry Martin
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Zina Manesa Burloiu, Brasov, Romania
Terry Martin, Toowong, Queensland, Australia

Spheres of Influence, 2016
Walnut, Chilean myrtle
6 x 6 x 2.25 inches | 15.24 x 15.24 x 5.715 cm

This collaborative piece by Zina Burloiu and Terry Martin represents their working relationship that defies distance and time. The lidded container shows the two different hemispheres they each work in. The plane of wood represents time and their exchange of ideas. The single star on one side of the plane is Terry on one side of the world and the array of stars in the other half is Zina showing how their ideas multiply and grow. The tiny sphere inside the lidded container shows the lines of latitude and longitude that represent the enormous distance separating and yet uniting them.

The Sphere we all live on, our planet, is divided into hemispheres to describe different geography, lands and cultures. Zina and Terry have transcended these limits to create a new way of working across the Northern and Southern hemispheres, across day and night, across seasons and time. They believe they have found the ideal way to create at a distance - face-to-face across the world - and are putting all of their energies into this newfound direction, taking inspiration from each other, from their different techniques and ideas. Spheres of Influence tells all this story in one piece.

Watch for the story on the artists' collaborative journey in the June 2017 issue of American Woodturner!

About Zina Manesa-Burloiu:
A qualified engineer, Zina Manesa-Burloiu studied sculpture for three years at the Brasov School of Arts. She trained with her uncle, a respected traditional carver, and by 2013 Zina had become the most well-known and respected traditional woodcarver in Romania. She has made a name for herself as a teacher and demonstrator in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, England, Bulgaria, Poland, Holland, Sweden, and Greece.

She accepted an invitation to participate in the first-ever international collaborative wood sculpture project in Dongxiang, China, followed by another invitation to compete in the World Crafts Council international wood sculpture competition held in Dongyang, China. In June 2015, she was invited into the international residency for wood artists run by the Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia, USA.

Learn More: www.crestaturiinlemn.wordpress.com

About Terry Martin:
"Life is a wonderful adventure. Because I am a writer as well as a woodworker, I am able to indulge both my mental and physical dreams. I can spend a day in my workshop making woodwork, or I can sit in my quiet office and write. Both professions take me around the world to meet with old friends and make many new ones. Life is good.

My woodwork grew out of a lifelong love of trees, something that must have begun with my childhood experiences playing in the Australian bush. The trees were always there and their scent, shade and quiet presence can still transport me to the past. I believe we must not destroy pristine forests, so I no longer use rare timbers. Trees do die and can be replaced, so we can make wonderful things from wood as long as we take care not to leave the environment poorer. The average woodworker uses less wood in a lifetime of creativity than a large newspaper uses in one day.

While I love to make simple shapes based on classical work, I also like to have fun and I enjoy breaking rules. It’s very satisfying to challenge conventional rules.

Contrast intrigues me-light and dark, rough and smooth, simple and complex. I particularly like to create intriguing peep-views into the heart of the tree. My childhood mantra was: "What's in there?"

I have always loved languages, both my native English and others. My writing grew from this love and a fascination with why other woodworkers do amazing things. I knew there were stories to be told, so I started to chronicle their lives and dreams. There is something fundamentally charming about devoting your life to woodwork and my writing has enabled me to travel the world to meet many good people. In a world obsessed with speed and glamour I am privileged to spread the life stories of people who live a quiet and methodical life working in wood. We are among those who can make that increasingly rare and profoundly satisfying statement: "I made that."

Learn more: www.terrymartinwoodartist.com/index.html

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